Losing your friends

The title is a bit of an overstatement, because I have lost none, but now engaging with them in meaningful dialogue about this journey is very difficult. They know the Gary of the past, the one who was quite firm in doctrinal convictions, who held a high moral ground, who spoke loudly against worldliness in the church. Little wonder then that communicating a significant change in direction is a frustrating experience. I related well to Dan in A New Kind of Christian, who goes through the transition struggle as a pastor. It is particularly difficult when your friend is a Southern Baptist seminary student!


2 responses to “Losing your friends

  • Gary

    I can answer this myself now! The best way to engage is do accentuate the positive influence that other person has had, let go of all pre-conceived judgment, and consider a clean-slate. Then, carry on a conversation in peace.

  • Digger

    Hey Gary, nice addition to an interesting post.

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