I kind of made up that title to reflect something I’ve just been thinking about, namely how we can have a tendency to ‘prefer’ certain people and ideologies over others. Hence, if you read a review of a particular book on Amazon, you will see some viewpoints that suggest the author is the absolute ‘best’ in their field, and another suggesting that the theories are completely wrong. Now that I have been reading Marcus Borg, who reconstructs the Bible as ‘history metaphorized’, I have been seriously exposed to what is known as the ‘liberal’ side of theology. Yet I do not object in the slightest, rather I take it seriously and find much to delight in. I can do the very same on the conservative side. I have chosen now not to take sides; I am experiencing what Leif Hansen describes as ‘Bleeding Purple’, the tension of embracing both worlds. If you have not yet done so, please go listen to Leif’s insights.


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