Church or not?

Been thinking about the question of being a part of a church in our age. In my limited experience, it seems that even the most postmodern churches are still very much tied to the modern church structure. Pastors, sermons, programs, an us-and-them mentality, the people being primarily passive in participation. After feeling unable to continue attending church for a little while, and then joining my girlfriend at her church, I feel even more strongly about my aversion to modern church structure, though I have always been somewhat disillusioned when still an active participant. Sermons frustrated me; they seem to have very little impact, yet are treated as the centrepiece. The service is very much an individual experience. I bear with this now only for her sake, I do not wish to pull her away, and prefer to be there with her than away alone.

What a faith community looks like outside of the modern context is still somewhat of a mystery to me, but that is OK. My best guess is that it takes the form of something more of a discussion, so that each person contributes regardless of their level of knowledge. Every person can have the oppportunity to lead. The form of worship expression is entirely up to the group; some may be more liturgical, some quite musical, some simply talking. I don’t know how this will happen, I hope that God will help me see it to fruition in my local context.


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