I am an avid reader. I’ve usually got a few books on the go at once. Currently, I’m reading The Meaning of Jesus: Two Visions, How to Read the Bible, Revelations, and A Celebration of Discipline. I just purchased The Renovare Spiritual Formation Bible and have begun reading that. Yesterday I completed reading A New Reformation, where Matthew Fox lists his own 95 theses which he posted on the historically famous Wittenberg door. He describes a new approach to Christianity, which he calls Creation Spirituality. He has much to say about the nature of God, in the sense that he embraces the feminine or motherhood of God along with the masculine/fatherhood, and denies the notion of a punitive father god, so prevalent in theistic religion today.

It is a small read, only took me a few days to get through, yet powerful in the way in the challenge to embrace a postmodern spirituality. The thoughts are very radical, and I am not quite ready yet to accept some of the notions. Things like the equation of Christ and Buddha, and homosexuality as God-given, strike against what I have always known. I need to give these issues more serious thought and attention. I am leaning more and more his way as time goes on.

You can read Fox’s 95 Theses here


1 thought on “Books”

  1. Hi Gary,

    I’ve picked up Mathew Fox here and there and, at least in the past, have had a similar response: lots of good stuff here, but does he go too far? When reading his auto-biography, it was hard to not feel like he was rather egotistical (though aren’t we all?) and that some of his ideas were simply reactionary “well, poo poo to you stifling conservatives!”

    Mainly, I remember like the ‘original blessing’ concept –a v. needed and true counterpoint to the early christian thread of “total depravity”, etc

    I’m going through lots of life transitions right now, and so all my emails and my podcast are way behind…but hope to catch up soon.


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