New area, new community

Phew, finally moved house after a long, drawn out process. It’s a nice place, cheaper for rent and bills, and much closer to my girlfriend. Plus, back to my previous work site, which means less time to blog. No internet at home either. I want to settle down to some serious study of The Meaning of Jesus: Two Visions prior to then moving on to N.T. Wright’s heavier works. The reading group over at Urban Monastery sounds like a brilliant idea. I feel like at the moment I am just sliding along, with no real spiritual direction or substance. My connection with God is not as vibrant as it has been. I am sure that this disheveled period is only a phase.


One response to “New area, new community

  • Digger

    Hey Gary, good to hear you moved in alright, how’s it all going down this way?

    You still keen to come check out the Huddle? I realised the other day I hadn’t actually saved your address, was just replying to emails, so let us know if you wanna catch up down this way.


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