QLD, rain, Spong

It’s been a time of visiting family. Tomorrow I leave their place on the Gold Coast, which has had warm and rainy days, kind of keeping us indoors and away from the beaches, unfortunately. Here’s hoping for some nice weather tomorrow. I picked up two gems from a couple of bookshops, firstly Christ the Lord for $8.95, the novel by Anne Rice, and Here I Stand, John Shelby Spong’s autobiography, for $5.95. And the visit has included my favourite spots on the Coast, Three Beans cafe and Mt. Tambourine. Mum and Dad are quite surprised at this new direction of mine, given that I was quite zealous in my church attendance in the past. Right now I share Mum’s disappointment, though for different reasons. And I stand with my sister, though still keeping my foot in with devotion to Christ. Dad stands in the place of wanting to go to church, but only doing so if Mum will go. I’m comfortable now with my girlfriend being involved in her church without me, I don’t think it appropriate to go reluctantly, though I may sometimes visit. I don’t feel comfortable right now debating or discussing my present thoughts with those within Churchianity, for they are just too new and fresh and I am still rather confused.


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