Bleeding Purple

An excerpt from an email I sent to Leif Hansen of Bleeding Purple Podcast (and

There is not a more apt description for my experience than Bleeding Purple! I continually straddle this world of conservative and liberal, even though presently my focus is on the liberal side. I find the thoughts of scholars like Borg and Spong to be more appealing than most, even if I haven’t gone as far as drawing their conclusions. I consider NT Wright as brilliant, yet am not sure that I entirely agree with his thoughts on scriptural authority. The idea of taking the Bible seriously, but not literally, makes sense to me right now. It’s easy to relish in the supposed safety of traditional evangelical thought, but is it realistic? The basic assumptions of evangelical tradition continue to baffle me. The other day I was watching the movie Luther, and in one scene Martin says in a sermon that God was thought of as vengeful, but should now be thought of as loving and merciful. Evangelicals hold on to a notion of God as punitive, which is not difficult when the Bible is read in a traditionally literal fashion. It’d be nice to embrace a more realistic and loving picture of God.


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