A new church

My girlfriend does not want to leave the institutional church. We visited a Uniting church on Sunday, which I found from the website wiki.faithfutures.org. The wiki includes links to progressive christian churches and networks. The church experience was somewhat like what I am accustomed to, and yet at the same time refreshingly better. The typical elements were present – contempory worship, communion, and a sermon. The music was polished, the alternative communion (with each person serving the elements to one another) was a nice touch, and the sermon communicated the depth of a parable in a way I had not previously seen. Progressives are focused more on social values and the implications of living the gospel rather than the technicalities of doctrine, which is what I find most appealing. And I had the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, who have abandoned fundamentalism, literalism, and a punitive patriarchal deity in favour of a more generous and open faith.


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