Abandoned to faith

I decided to forgo Spong as he is bad for my health. After a weekend of negativity and despair, I found Spong’s assertions to the nature of the world and God to be a bit too much for me to take right now, and discontinued reading the books except for his autobiography, Here I Stand. Liberals can be as dogmatic as the counterparts they denounce, and I found Spong’s theology communicated too radical a difference for me to swallow. However, he does raise some significant points and questions which are worthy of appraisal. I’m now leaning more towards talking about God in terms of mystery and experience. For example, King David experienced God as a warrior who fought for Israel, and this is reflected in many Psalms. He merely followed in the footsteps of Moses. Some figures spoke more of the fear of God, of a moral arbiter and judge; others spoke of the love and mercy of God. We each experience God in different ways depending upon our context. This best explains for me the existence of other religions.


1 thought on “Abandoned to faith”

  1. I understand your frustration with Spong. While I think he makes completely valid points in his critique of fundamentalism, I also think that he proposes his own theology as the be-all and end-all of the postmodern response, and I think he gets a little carried away spinning his own theories some times.

    To me, God is an immanent presence but also a transcendent reality. Spong seems to go farther than I would agree with in how he conceives of God.

    I like reading Spong, but I take him with a grain of salt. I think I like Marcus Borg a little better.

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