Historical Orthodoxy

I come from a tradition that highly reveres historical orthodoxy, or in other words, “this is the way things are”. Do not ask questions; just assume. The ancient creeds are set in concrete and accurately represent quintessential Christianity. Anyone outside of this stream is in error at best and a heretic at worst. Yet it seems to me that some notions of God that fit within the orthodox framework seem to be human projections on God. The one that most troubles me is God’s selectivity. He (for God in orthodoxy is male) chooses to pour out his spirit on a select group of people. He chooses to ‘call out’ a select group of people for divine favor. He only heals and saves in response to faith-filled intercessory prayer. I was thinking earlier about how I can be quite selective in my interests towards people; some I desire to give time to, others I prefer not to be around. This is a common human occurrence; we don’t judge one evil and the other good, rather we prefer some over others. I’m sorry folks, but I just can’t project this on God. So I’m taking a postmodern approach to your orthodoxy, taking a thoughtful rather than inherited approach to my understanding of God as revealed through the scriptures.


1 thought on “Historical Orthodoxy”

  1. I completely agree with you. I think it is a human projection on God that “he” is selective in these ways. I really believe that God’s spirit is universally pervasive and available to all, not just to a select few, and I think that God is not some patriarch up in heaven dispensing favors according to who prays the loudest or the hardest or the most.

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