Being the egoist I am, here’s an email I sent to Nahum, just so I can relish those few times I write things I really like:

Thanks for the call last night, I’m very excited about the group, I believe it holds significant potential. I read your Mystery Worshipper article today; it’s interesting to contemplate how such churches operate, in the model of consumer growth that is prevalent in our present economic system. Just as this ‘growth fetish’ doesn’t really benefit the soul of the country, neither do these church experiences really make a significant difference in the spiritual formation and transformational activity of the individual. I’d be happy with a tiny group that set definitive goals for personal and social change, knowing that since it doesn’t follow the latest trend, it will never be of significant number.

I was thinking earlier about your comments on politics last night as I read an article in The Age today suggesting that John Howard may now start taking global warming seriously now that it is becoming a very public issue. Tim Costello put it well when he said that politicians are merely driven by the wind, and we are the ones who determine the wind’s direction. One person can make a significant difference, we’re witnessing right now the effect of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, and the public exposure of this film is capturing the conscience of our nation. If it wasn’t before, Al Gore is now a household name. Individuals and groups can have a significant impact on the direction of the nation, and as such our power is not in politics but in influence.


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