The power of forgiveness

Richard Holloway’s Doubts and Loves has proved to be a helpful book in thinking through the implications of following Christ in our postmodern era. The chapter on forgiveness really struck me with a fresh understanding and appreciation of the power of forgiveness, richly demonstrated in the life and death of Christ. Holloway shares insight from experience, the scriptures, and philosophers, showing us that true liberty can only be found through forgiveness, on both a corporate and individual level. “Father forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing,” said Jesus of his executioners and accusers prior to his death, giving us a clue to how we achieve what seems to be unachievable – holding empathy due to our inability to understand the implications of our actions.

This lead me to a process of self-evaluation, where I detailed my own faults and their ongoing effects. I’ll blog what I wrote a bit later, but the outcome was that in understanding my weakness I could appreciate rather than despise the weakness of others. So many of my thoughts are despicable, negative judgment heaped out at the tiniest annoyance. God help me that I might look in love even to those who mistreat me.


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