Bring on the grape

Jesus turned water into wine, quality wine at that. Some conservatives claim that the wine back then was low-to-non alcoholic, though I don’t know where they got that from. I’m not too worried about justifying drinking or not here, each to their own. Red is my drink of choice, my girlfriend and I have a weekly ritual of consuming a couple of bottles. After buying wine from retail stores and then finding the price and taste difference in the ‘cleanskin’ stores to be substantially better, I’ve done the switch.

(If you’re not in the know, cleanskin refers to the fact that the bottles are delivered to the stores without labels, and are subsequently labeled by the store ie. no fancy branding)

The stores I have discovered are two excellent local choices, and one close to work.

In Frankston:
Alias Wines is the one I have been to the most, decent prices and excellent service. I can’t remember getting outstanding wines from there though.
Wine Justice apparently has multiple locations, I only just discovered this and found the guy running the store to be very helpful. I bought a Cab Sav for $8.95 that was better than some brand names I’ve paid $20+ for. I’ll be back here Friday night, when they pop open a number of bottles and supply dips and chocolate….hmm new store of choice!

In South Melbourne:
The Grape Unknown is the store near work I discovered one day which has now restored my love of Shiraz after a bad experience in the past. I’ve only had their Shiraz, as tasting has proved it to be of high quality.

Dan Murphy’s may have an overwhelmingly large selection, but you pay a premium for the brand, and won’t get the service of the cleanskin stores. Look out for one near you.


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