Life Inventory

Jesus said at the commencement of his ministry, “Change your attitude, reform your ways; for the revolution of God is coming soon”. How seriously do we really take this mandate? Usually housed in religious language (Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand), our response is usually limited to mental assent, as in, ‘I believe in Jesus, I turn from my sins’. Then, we go on our merry way with little change; little questioning of our ongoing attitude, choices, behaviour; little understanding the implications of following Christ. It seems lately I’ve been bathed in the perspective of real and radical change of heart, through the witness of primarily postmodern voices. As such I’ve decided to revamp my life, running through the various choices and attitudes that I make to be centered on the worship of God. In many ways I am a slave to my desires, and I desire the kind of liberty that Christ gave to us as an example and testimony. It will not be easy, for Christ did say ‘deny yourself’, and self-denial is a painful process. Yet I look forward to what I become at the end of the process.


1 thought on “Life Inventory”

  1. To me, the power of religion is in its power to transform us in our daily lives, and that is what matters to me, rather than in any reward that it might offer us in some hypothetical afterlife.

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