Bad behaviour

I was just thinking earlier about how often my behavior has adjusted according to the person/group I am around. In the past this caused me great concern, for I felt that I constantly fell to the ‘lowest common denominator’ of the group. With my Christian friends, I was an angel, but more of a devil with my non-Christian friends. Now I understand this as a natural psychological response to the need for acceptance in community. We adapt to one another in a variety of ways to connect and express ourselves. Can we really adequately define ourselves as individuals? So much of my makeup is derivative of my parents eg. temperament and physical features. Additionally, factors in my education, and the peers that I associate with over time, have certain affect on who I present myself as. Books that I read, movies that I watch, and now podcasts that I listen to, have all had their impact. Understanding this, I’m less concerned about the problem of moral adaptation, though more conscious of the process so that I may not ‘overdo’ it. I tend to people-please a fair bit without thinking. I’ll laugh at every joke, and make silly comments. Really, there’s not much to worry about unless the behaviour is seriously unjust or cruel.


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