Living life

Previously I wrote an entry describing my desire to follow in the moral footsteps of Christ, though difficult this may be. Now many things have come to a head, particularly my health and well-being. I have largely lived with a pessimistic view, and operated primarily in ambiguities. What this means is that I view my current living and work situation negatively, and spout a variety of ideas that I rarely ever follow through on. I simply operate aimlessly, living in the moment with little thought of the future. I was able to live this way easily when single, but in a relationship I find my decisions constantly affecting another. I can easily blame others for my predicament, yet this will only stunt rather than further my growth. So I must make a few commitments for change – in the spirit of metanoia, or repentance. These I post as a public record for accountability purposes.

– Choose optimism. Be thankful for your work and living situation. There is much to like about both, much that is an improvement on the past, and much that is better than what many others experience.

– Choose to be peaceful. Don’t let others affect your well being, instead accept and forgive. Refuse to hold a grudge. Be friendly to those who are not friendly to you, or have upset you. Pursue this way of peace demonstrated by Christ, Gandhi, King and others.

– Refuse excess. Don’t submit to your whims. Be content with less rather than more.

– Eat well and exercise often. This is a difficult one because eating well and exercise require time, and time is a limited resource (especially when you spend almost 3 hours of a day in travel!) This requires careful planning.

– Plan well and stick to it. Continuing from the last goal, good living requires good planning. I am very good at talking about doing things, and very good at not following through! This requires discipline, and discipline requires planning. As the old adage goes, you either plan to achieve, or plan to fail – there are no other choices. No planning at all is planning to fail.

I am quite a carefree and moody individual, drifting along on the whims of my emotional state, which can quite easily shift into negativity and laziness. Having the drive to act and perform is quite a struggle – but one which is critical for my ongoing survival.


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