Misquoting Jesus

You have got to love libraries. I recently borrowed two books, both of which have proved to be thought-provoking – The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, which I am still working through, and Misquoting Jesus by Bart Ehrman. This book has been the best explanation of textual criticism I have read so far – simplified for a layman like myself. Whilst I enjoy theology, I tend to get bogged down in technicalities and lose interest. Now I have a basic understanding of why so many variants exist in the New Testament (referenced in most Bibles in footnotes). Ehrman does not present a radical liberal viewpoint, rather comes from a conservative evangelical background which was shaken through extensive seminary study. Yet the conclusions now seem to hold some ground on the works of liberals contending that the idea of divine inspiration of the books of the Bible is false. It’s not that scholars such as Ehrman or any number of liberals do not take the Bible seriously enough, for they spend their lifetimes committed to its study; they rather appreciate a more diverse understanding of the nature of God and his communication with creation.


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