My favourite blogs

Just recently I’ve taken to reading these blogs on a daily basis due to the quality of content.
A great collection of useful tech and non-tech tips
“News for nerds, stuff that matters”. Has always been a quality source of geeky news.
The Simple Dollar
A very practical blog detailing how to live more simply in our complex, materialistic society.
Get Rich Slowly
Similar to The Simple Dollar, I haven’t had a good look but will be as money has been my major stress.

My shared items section at the right will be updated from the above sites from time to time. Enjoy.


1 thought on “My favourite blogs”

  1. Hello there, thank you very much for being here and doing exactly what you are doing, sharing. I wanted to take the time to reply to share with you and tell you about a blog I found that changed my life on every level.

    One of my favorite article posts is: “How to Find Your Passion and Make It Your Career”…Here is a direct link:

    I hope you love it and enjoy it as much as I do.

    Keep doing what you do. You are wonderful!

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