Dissecting Faith

The whole concept of this blog was born from a desire to bring any belief that I currently hold out into the open for inspection and critique. Essentially, when faced when the question of a loving God torturing millions of people (as Leif Hansen put it, an infinite deity punishing finite humanity), I could not in my right mind hold to the belief in hell any longer. And so began the departure from the church and a new exploration of belief.

In this process I encountered the likes of John Shelby Spong, the famous liberal Episcopalian who prolifically produces several books doubting the very tenets of evangelical christianity. At first I could not tolerate such in-my-face assaults. Over time however as I have had the knife of self-exploration cut away my basic assumptions, ideas and thoughts which I would have flatly rejected I am now entertaining. For instance, Steve Pavlina has introduced me to fresh thoughts about approaching belief in the whole process of personal growth. He suggests that the things we most fundamentally believe act as lenses which can restrict our thought and focus. I can attest to this, given that I now feel free and at ease to explore areas I once would have considered taboo.

I must say thank you to all who have challenged me to be more open-minded and free-thinking. I have found that my moral position since abandoning evangelical christianity has not significantly shifted – in fact, I can almost feel it becoming enhanced. I have not read the Bible or engaged in any kind of worship experince regularly for a long time now, and though I miss the social element of this, I feel at ease. My understanding of God still falls into the category of mystery, and that is fine. The Bahia faith is becoming a topic of interest at the moment, notwithstanding other paths of exploration. At least I can now say that I feel at ease again tackling spirituality.


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