Evil Religion

Another quote from Bringing God Back to Earth by John Hunt:

Christians see their God as a good God of light and love. But taking a global historical perspective, many more have seen Him as a God of death and destruction, one of the most monstrous and malign of the many demons that have stalked the earth. Satan’s wiliest trick of all was to walk the earth disguised as God the Good. Most Christians have danced to his tune rather than that of Jesus, with his priests pulling the strings. The Gnostics weren’t so easily fooled. Humankind has paid the price. The Aztecs thought of hell as a period of time rather than a place, a belief they adopted from the Mayans. Their survivors dated it from 1519 when the Christians arrived.

The reference to the Aztecs and Mayans points to some of the history detailed in the chapter prior to the quote, which brought to light the destruction of the Mayan people that Christian Europe inflicted. It’s quite an indictment, but cannot be denied.


3 responses to “Evil Religion

  • Rob

    Ah, yes. For a more secular viewpoint on this whole ‘extermination’ thing I recommend “Guns, Germs and Steel”. It can at times be ponderous to read like any book on the topic but it’s immensely interesting.

    As for as Good God versus Bad God… well, for me that’s just the carrot and the stick. Once you scare people in the door with the Bad God then you reward them Good God to keep them. I’m told that the Bad God image is stolen from one of Christianity’s predecessors Zoroastrianism. Wow. Spelled that right the first time. Anyway, that’s all I know about that.

    Dern interesting blog, by the way. None of that usual chatter about “What you did on your big date” that seems to be so popular in blogland nowadays. 🙂

  • Gary

    I enjoy your comments, damn fine additons as it’s been rather lonely around here lately 🙂 It’s like breadcrumbs really, I’m just charting my course, placing markers along the way……I can look back and think wow, I actually wrote that? I actually thought that way? The beauty of journalling….and it’s all in the public eye. Ah, blogging is a delight.

  • Rob

    Couldn’t agree more. Blogs are like diaries except… well, completely not private. Until, of course, everyone forgets to read it. 🙂

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