Lethargy and belief

I’ve been feeling lethargic lately, unmotivated towards many of my usual activities. This relates in part to complete closure on a relationship and how far I’ve moved in my position on God and truth. Over at Stupid Church People, the question is being raised for comment, ‘Why Do You Believe?’ It’s made me think about where I stand right now in regards to faith. I just finished John Shelby Spong’s book Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism, and after reading Bring God Back to Earth I no longer find Spong to be too radical. He can be a bit long in the tooth, and repeats his points a fair bit in the book. Essentially, he presents the notion that we can experience God in Christ now, while discarding the unscientific notions that escapsulate the narratives in the Gospels. He rejects the evangelical essentials of the Trinity and substitutionary atonement, which he sees as ideas that were invented by the generations that followed Christ. Spong actually argues for greater rather than lesser biblical literacy in the church, citing that most parishioners cannot recite the Ten Commandments. At this point I’m not sure I’d agree. I’m not sure I actually want to read the Bible any longer. I’ve read it through a few times, and have no desire to return. There is far more spiritual truth to be gained from many sources – the Bible is just one of them.


Talking Shit

I’ve been thinking about a concept group as an alternative to the christian small group/home group. At Talking Shit, there is no study, no set bible verses, no prayer time. Instead, there is a topic to open up a discussion around. Let’s just say a topic was God, how we understand him/her/it. Ask one another, how do you know that God exists? Why do you believe in God? Let the conversation go through its natural progression and then pick up the topic again when next meeting. Beer, wine, and snacks will be available (hey, it might be held in a bar). It’s for getting deep and allowing questions to be asked that often are left unanswered.

A possibility could be to record the discussion, then edit it later for a Talking Shit podcast. It wouldn’t necessarily be a regular event, scheduled as desired by the group. As such, the whole continuity and commitment factor is not an issue.

This may just remain another one of the hundreds of ideas I conceive that never reach fruition, only time will tell…..