Talking Shit

I’ve been thinking about a concept group as an alternative to the christian small group/home group. At Talking Shit, there is no study, no set bible verses, no prayer time. Instead, there is a topic to open up a discussion around. Let’s just say a topic was God, how we understand him/her/it. Ask one another, how do you know that God exists? Why do you believe in God? Let the conversation go through its natural progression and then pick up the topic again when next meeting. Beer, wine, and snacks will be available (hey, it might be held in a bar). It’s for getting deep and allowing questions to be asked that often are left unanswered.

A possibility could be to record the discussion, then edit it later for a Talking Shit podcast. It wouldn’t necessarily be a regular event, scheduled as desired by the group. As such, the whole continuity and commitment factor is not an issue.

This may just remain another one of the hundreds of ideas I conceive that never reach fruition, only time will tell…..


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