Basis of Belief

The below is from a comment post I wrote on Stupid Church People:

Is there rational basis for either belief or non-belief? In one case, you assume that there is some kind of intelligence beyond that which we perceive, and you can name is ‘supernatural’. In the other, you assume that there is nothing beyond our rational understanding. Yet both these are merely assumptions based upon experience. Some people claim to experience the supernatural (in whatever religious or non-religious form), and others perceive all experience as limited to our senses.

From my experience, belief or non-belief makes little difference to moral excellence. I was glad to walk away from my conservative evangelical tradition simply because it merely sustained in me a continual sense of guilt. I don’t live a whole lot differently now, and my ethical standards are still developing just as they were before. I don’t know how to define God, but I strongly suspect a divine influence that runs through the world and is manifested in all religious traditions – yes, flawed as they are through imperfect expression of the great Mystery.


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