The End of the Search

I have just finished reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. And now have I little else to say. It was such a profound read, so insightful and powerful, and so gently guiding me to the way of peace, that I now feel as if I cannot search any longer. Any time I now read or look into religious literature, or in fact anything to do with self-improvement (my two primary areas of focus), I consider that this is just another way for me to avoid what I now know, avoid what I must do now – which is to be present in the moment. Every time I think I need another book, another experience, I realize that I am seeking some kind of fulfillment outside of myself, when ultimate fulfillment can only come from within. What else is there? I no longer believe in God as a separate entity from myself, as some kind of super-being. God is the ultimate source of everything, but I cannot adequately describe how God works. I can’t try to devise what is the true nature of God, and I am tired of getting caught up in endless theological disputes.

I’m off to read Eckhart Tolle’s follow-up on The Power of Now, The New Earth (he takes a lot from the Bible).


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