Discussing self-improvement

Today I met with a group of people interested in self-improvement. I utilized the social networking website Getalife to organize the activity, and met two new people in the process. I was really dreading going in, as I’ve been thinking that talking about personal development rather than acting on it is a waste of time. I couldn’t be further from the truth. As I shared with them, I pulled out the core stuff that I haven’t really been focusing on, the absolute essentials. We learned from one another and grew a bit in shared experience.

That’s what made a good home bible study back in my christian days quality – shared experience. I never liked the model of listening to a leader speak, just trying to absorb a lot of useless and forgettable material. Today’s discussion was just sharing our experiences of personal development, where we are at and stuff we do that shape us. Went for quite a while, and I spoke at length about my experience with Eckhart Tolle’s books, while a lady spoke about going to a Tibetan Buddhist monastery for some serious practice. It was a non-judgmental, lively and quality conversation. I want to do this more now!

Part of my dread has been a social avoidance issue, which is overcome by simply going and finding it to be a great experience. Being an organizer, I am forced into it beyond excuse. So, I will continue to organize, and will continue to enjoy sharing in the spiritual experiences of others.


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