Attachments that destroy

The decisions we make should be driven by our own internal wisdom and realization. It is a sad thing that in the seeking of happiness we know that we do things that harm ourselves and the planet, yet we continue to repeat these things. It all comes back to the same cycle of happiness, of bringing our inner desires to effect in this moment. And it is terribly ironic that the things we chase for present-moment happiness often are the things that are destroying us.

These things can be categorized into very base attachments: food/drink, addictive substances, sex, and the desire for more things. I deliberately omit money from the list, for I see money as merely a vehicle for more of the above. Money can very well be an attachment, but usually to reach the end of the desire for more. Whilst I myself might deny my own attachment to many of these things, on close examination I see that my heart is full of an assortment of attachments.

The reason I write this is because my body feels the effects of my previous night of slight intoxication. Like a majority of people, I enjoy a few drinks, because in the moment my inclination is to drown my weariness with alcohol. In moderation and in an appropriate context, this is fine. The problem is that more often than not moderation is not practiced, with the result of loss of quality time. Through the influence of peers and my own lack of discipline in a moment of weakness, I cave.

I tire of setting goals of self-determination. These ultimately fail. It is easier, and much simpler, to decide to remove myself from situations and people that influence my poor decisions. If that is not possible, then I must simply make the best decision for my peace of mind, and do so ahead of time so that in the moment the external pressures fail to move me off course.


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