The Friend Saga

I suffer when I lower my standards. I have just spent some time with my friend, and found it a mostly unpleasant experience. The entire time I felt resistance and aggravation to just about everything he had to say. And now, I hear his voice in my head. I think in terms of his idioms. I’m finding him taking the spiritual insights that I receive and share, and turning them around for his own gain in a little mind-game. Yet, I was drawn again to respond to his phone call and catch up for coffee and our ongoing discussions.

As mentioned earlier, my friend is full of lewd sexual talk. He has no concern with moral standards. I am not yet at the place where I can simply deflect or allow his words to pass through me like water without causing some harm. In light of this, the time has come for a degree of separation.

The best way to implement this is simply by constructing alternatives. Since my friend does not organize activities ahead of time, but acts in the spur of the moment, my best option is to busy myself at the times he makes himself available. Not in self-reflective activities, but rather social activities. There really are plenty of options, I just have to open my eyes.

I need a variety of friends as I mentioned previously. It is unhealthy for the both of us to be spending so much time together. I simply must open myself up to the opportunities without resistance.


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