Ah, what kindness!

There is just so much kindness in this world. I got to enjoy a pleasant cup of coffee as I strolled to the beautiful botanical gardens. There I gazed upon the gloriously maintained surroundings, and listened to the birds chirping away as I left the noise of the city behind. I enjoyed the blessing of having one of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers, Eckhart Tolle, describe to me the concepts of ego role-playing. Along the way back home I stopped in the local library, where thousands of books are meticulously stored for our enjoyment. I browsed the shelves and found many titles of interest, all from kind people who decided to share their broad knowledge of the world. This knowledge will only add to and broaden my understanding of the nature of life and spirit, deepening my personal awareness of, and connection with, the divine. I am allowed to take these books home at no charge for a period of 4 weeks, which is such a lovely blessing.

Right now I am very hungry, and due to the kindness of those before me, I can access some healthy food in close proximity to my place. I am so very blessed, for such options are not available to all. In light of such kindness, what room is there for complaint?


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