The Friend Attachment a week on

Today I am feeling the desire to spend time with someone/people, and I usually fulfill that through my aforementioned friend. Today however, I have chosen to have a very simple day that involves none other than myself, doing whatever I feel is appropriate in the moment. I wish to create a sacred practice of presence for this entire day, watching my thoughts and bringing myself fully into the moment. As such, I am not seeking the typical weekend external entertainments, other than a fair bit of reading and enjoying the weather.

In my previous entry I mentioned having alternative social activities as opposed to the time I spend with this friend. That is an option I will put forward to another day. I am loving this simple day of nothingness, free from burdens and distractions. May it be a wonderful day of meditation and contemplation, with the breath of God flowing through. May it cultivate within me an attitude of stillness and presence.


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