After seeing Eckhart Tolle on DVD on Friday night, Saturday was spent in a relative daze, wandering around attempting to watch my thoughts. I tend to wander when I have no planned activities, and I had decided not to catch up with my friend, who finally called later in the afternoon. I wondered if this was like how Tolle was on the park bench for two years. I just wanted to be in the moment. My little journey at one point landed me in the library, where I headed to the religious section and ended up with a bag full of books. Ah, back to my good-old hobby of exploring Christian themes on the boundary of orthodoxy. I got excited about one of the books, The Direct Path, for it goes into the undercurrent of all traditions, which is my favorite topic right now. Then I ended the day with Reign Over Me, the most emotionally heavy movie I’ve seen in a long time – it was surprising to see Adam Sandler so terribly depressed. The movie an impact that was going to be more revealed the following day.

I’d planned to go to church on Sunday morning to see a group doing it emerging-style. It was pouring rain and I had another option: an open day at an alternative health centre near home. So I found out about their Feldenkrais and Naturopathy services, had lunch, and my friend decided to see if I wanted to catch up. I welcomed the idea and invited him to join me at the cafe where I was reading a book. Now, I had been at peace, and decided to just let him be and not try to react. The whole thing unfolded so wonderfully, and funnily enough he was seeking massage therapy, and the health centre happened to have that available, so we gave it a shot. Then I found out about another of their services, a blend of dance, martial arts, and yoga. All in all, it was a great decision to go there instead of church.

Meeting up with my friend this time was peaceful with no hint of reactivity. I could only credit that with all the time leading up to those moments, where I had been practicing meditation throughout my daily activities. Obviously, I do need to mix with others, but it is just brilliant to know that I can enjoy his company without the problems I have experienced in the past.

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