The Cafe Idea

For quite some time I have had the thought of creating a cafe as a kind of multi-purpose project. I spoke of it at length with my ex, particularly as one of my favourite pastimes is to sit in a cafe with a latte and a good book. My intentions have been for it to be a sacred space, a place that is open for spiritual workshops, meditation and the like, but rather than just limit it to those with spiritual leanings, I would prefer something that was comfortable for all.

I am quite a fan of the layout of Starbucks. The chain seems to have become a place where people can stay for as little as long as they please, without feeling any pressure to leave or order anything. It has become almost a defacto meeting place for millions of people, with its comfortable chairs and open plan. Too bad it has really bad coffee to go along with that! I want my cafe to have that kind of atmosphere, but offering a superb menu of organic food and drink options, also honouring Fair Trade and optimally healthy nutrition.

Ultimately, it would be a centre for integration and consciousness; a place where all are welcome, all are part of the community, all can feel invited into something significant and broader than simply a place to meet and eat. There is a sense of love and grace in the atmosphere, which begins with the design and ends with the staff and customers interacting with joy.

Of course, that sounds more Utopian than reality, an in a way it is; however I have seen this possibility in glimpses to know that it is worth striving for. I’d like to get my ideas in the blog, then build some kind of online community that can work towards the ultimate physical fulfillment. I think I will have to follow an inclination I’ve had for a little while and actually work as a waiter and barista in a local cafe. Let’s see how I go on that one.

As an update to the above, I forgot to mention that I plan to let it evolve out of my living room. That’s a particularly important point. A space of hospitality and mystical exploration is what I hope will provide some kind of impetus to further the drive to seeing the cafe become reality.

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