It’s time for Praxis

It’s midnight on Sunday 25th November. History has just been written in Australia, where John Howard has been defeated in his campaign to continue as Prime Minister of Australia. The reigns are now handed over to Kevin Rudd, leader of the Australian Labour Party. Howard had 11 years in the job; Rudd has only been leader for a year and became the man to turn the tide. It will be very interesting to see how this all pans out…..

As for what I came here to write, it’s time to pull the curtains on the idea for the group which will begin in my home. I’d like to call it Praxis, which refers to turning knowledge into action. I’d like us to work on the whole premise of cultivating modern spirituality in a plural context. What this means in simple terms is that, as modern people, we live in a multicultural society that gives us exposure to every religious expression under the sun. What has been discovered is that there is commonality between every one. Unfortunately, many dominant religious expressions exist which seek to show that they are supreme, and one must convert to their way to be acceptable to God. Our call is to show that while we can maintain a healthy relationship with our own individual faith expression, we can remain engaged with and connected to other unique expressions. Not only that, at the core our unique expression should give rise to a modern spirituality based upon values of compassion and justice, so that we might be agents of healing to a broken world.

Taking inspiration from the Buddhist meditation groups I’ve been attending, I’d like to have a small group at home start with some form of meditation and prayer, and then focus on a variety of values that are common to the best of spiritual expressions, although the Bible having the most prominent place simply due to my own faith and history. The intention is really to have the group associated to, but not exclusive to, Christianity. The aim is for core radical change through spiritual exercises that can be performed on a daily basis throughout the following week.

I hesitate to use the words spiritual growth or discipleship, or even Bible study as indicative of what the group is about. It’s really for those who find themselves a bit on the outer of other types of activities that tend to be exclusive, who want to effect radical change in themselves and the world, yet feel somewhat powerless to act alone. It’s to support a modern mysticism, encouragement for the radicals that increasingly find themselves distant from denominational forms. I would hope it would also be the kernel of the cafe idea previously posted.

Let’s see how we go……


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