Energy vampires

I was reading an article where the author speaks of ‘energy vampires’ – friends who drain away your energy. I immediately thought of the one friend I’ve been blogging about. I had hopes of being a positive influence, booking him into a meditation course on Saturday. Unfortunately, he chose to be out drinking on Friday night and skip the meditation, even though he had previously confirmed his attendance. That caused me to be quite disturbed the whole way through the course, as it became like a test to confirm whether I should spend any more time with him. I finally decided that I would let him know that I am setting aside the remainder of the month to my spiritual journey. We did catch up later in the day, but the following day when he called to see if I wanted to catch up, I confirmed my decision that we not catch up.

My imagination had played all sorts of scenarios as to his reaction. I was quite anxious, simply based upon my ego-mind attachment and identity. I have made him a problem, and labeled him with all manner of meaning, based upon the delusions that he continually speaks. At this point in time, my growth and healing can only come about through not dealing with these problems on a regular basis. So I am relieved to have reached this position. However, I am sure that he will be in touch to attempt an early reconnection. That I cannot allow.

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