This blog was formed out of my experience of losing faith in religious dichotomy – that we can know truth in an absolute sense. Culture and the Internet does not help me in my quest to do away with believing in terms of dichotomy. Just now I was caught up in the old game of right and wrong, of trying to judge whether or not the author I am reading is worthy of my attention. There is such a thing as healthy critique: rather than simply taking an author’s word as gospel, from the basis of relativity, we can conclude that all knowledge is ultimately flawed and worthy of scrutiny, as most scientific theories have been contended throughout history. Yet when I have had doubt in the past about an author, I would search for as much negative data as possible, and then disassociate myself from the author.

In ‘seeing the world in colour’, I can appreciated every thought, knowing that each has its flaws. Blindly following anyone based upon the emotional impact of the work is just as problematic as creating sets of right and wrong authors. I’m much better off taking the good with the bad, holding a healthy skepticism of any text that assumes truth. Experience shows me that if I do take the work to speak absolutely, I will quite soon come up with a wall of credible opposing positions. We each speak from a limited position of knowledge, blinded by our unique perspectives.

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