I visited a friend last night who surely has a degree in conspiracy theory – this guy knows his stuff, ranging from Freemasonry to 9/11. Ever since I’ve known him, he has shared his insights, and the sharpest disagreement I have had, and still have, is the myth of British Israelism. According to Wikipedia,

British Israelism (sometimes called Anglo-Israelism) is a Christian theology (though largely rejected by mainstream Christianity), based on the premise that many early British people, Europeans and/or their royal families were direct lineal descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel and in some cases of the Tribe of Judah.

It is anti-semitic, as it makes the nation of Israel to be false. My friend seems to suggest that those currently calling themselves Jews are no friend of Yahweh, rather they are bearers of his curse. You know, there is only so much I can take of such rubbish. It is bad enough for Christians to tell the world that God is sending them into eternal torment, which as I’ve said before is a twisted and disgusting notion. While my friend also believes the same in this regard, he is quick to take the Hebrew Bible historical myths into a modern context, practicing an exclusion of another degree.


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