The Road to HINN is paved with good intentions….

Having read an article on Benny Hinn this morning, I am tempted to resort to name-calling, and feel quite justified considering just how despicable this man is. Having once been one of the faithful following these Christian gurus, I now wonder what leads so many to fall prey to their charms. It appears the answer lies with the tremendous power of belief. Looking back over my years as a Christian, moving through various churches, and more recently on the self-help treadmill, I see a line of gurus who acted as guides on my journey. Metaphorically, I could refer to them as ‘dark guides’, given that each one has a heavy emphasis on personal financial gain. Strikingly, Christ was one who did not have a place to lay his head, who said to one seeker, ‘Give away all you possess and come, follow me’.

Complain as I will, gurus will continue to be a large part of the landscape so long as personal gain and pleasure are seen as ultimate. I have finally reached a moment of my life as a full-time student with limited financial resources where wealth no longer holds any promise of fulfillment. Given the constant message of society to reach for more, this is a significant place to be. Goodbye to the gurus, may their appeal be stripped away completely.

As an update to this post, Today Tonight did a video version of the article, available here.


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