Ten reasons why I dislike Conservative Christianity

I’ve had this idea bubbling up within my mind, so I just had to express it here. I certainly do prefer to use the word dislike rather than hate, given the large number of friends I have who are conservative. Still, my dislike is rather intense. Before I start, I’d better define what I mean by conservative. I was going to say evangelical instead, but there are a number who go by that definition who I immensely respect. Conservative refers to a way of seeing that is currently the most popular in churches across the world, which defines us in a relationship to a personal God who has dictated specifics on lifestyle and belief. So, here goes:

  1. Conservative Christianity sees itself as ultimate and all other religious or spiritual ideas as inferior.
  2. As such, Conservative Christianity seeks the invasion of cultures and traditions for the propagation of its own system, with some very destructive consequences.
  3. Conservative Christianity places more emphasis on belief than action.
  4. Conservative Christianity encourages a dependence of the believer on the minister, the church, and the Bible, with little room for critical thinking.
  5. Given the power of the Institution and the Book, Conservative Christianity powerfully influences the believer to think and act irrationally.
  6. The common experience of Conservative Christianity – conversion – places a heavy emphasis on the afterlife, and little emphasis on transformation in this life.
  7. As such, Conservative Christians deem themselves to be ‘closer to God’ than the non-believer, yet their morality and lifestyle is often indistinguishable to the outsider.
  8. The church services of Conservative Christianity are commonly passive rather than active in parishioner engagement – very little is expected of the congregation except to be quiet and pay their tithes.
  9. Due to their popularity, Conservative Christian churches are attractive forms of social interaction, which draws a diverse audience. Sadly, this diversity must conform to the tenets of Conservative Christianity, at the risk of rejection.
  10. The absolute worst component of Conservative Christianity, the one thing that I actually do hate, is the use of fear as a motivator for conversion – namely, the fear of eternal torment in hell. The god of Conservative Christianity is particularly vicious, torturing billions for the sake of belief.

Of course, I could go on, but ten seems to be a key number when creating lists. Fortunately, there is a groundswell of movement, howbeit small at present, of people engaging their minds with a progressive approach to Christianity – and that truly excites me.


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