The Jesus Wildcard

Following on from my two previous posts, a disturbing trend I have just noted from media sources is for people to draw what I call the ‘Jesus wildcard’. It seems to be common place for shady characters attempting to build a better image for themselves to draw this wildcard with such statements as ‘I’ve found Jesus’. Like Benny Hinn, rather these people have found opportunity. Gullibility runs rampant through the most thriving churches of our land, and I should know, because I was once one of the gullible. After his appeal for people to give $10,000 to God, Benny Hinn netted approximately $800,000 from three days of crusades in Brisbane. Not bad for a few days of showmanship. And yet the thousands upon thousands still claim to see miracles in these events. Gullibility is like a disease, and this one seems to be spread with the name of Jesus.


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