Spong is spot-on – Christianity must change or die – and this is exemplified by the average age of parishioners inside traditional churches. Unfortunately, that change is towards entertainment rather than loosening of rigid dogma. Tonight I visited a service for Maundy Thursday, going by the liturgical name of Tenebrae. Oops, I arrived half-way through the service. Still, I got to partake in the communion. Damn, it’s not real wine, just grape juice in little cups. A couple songs were sung, and sections of the gospels involving the last supper and betrayal of Christ were read. Following this were more songs, prayer and benediction, then leaving in silence.

I’ve read that often these services include a foot-washing ceremony, but unfortunately that element was missing. The last time I went to a Maundy Thursday service, it was established more as an individual experience. Stations were established around the church, many being interactive. It was very dark and emotionally disturbing, the ideal experience for the occasion. Ah, for more creative imagination that might rescue the church from irrelevance.


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