The Good Friday Break

Given the fact that the service I attended last night only confirmed my expectation that liturgical celebration would be dull, I have decided not to attend any services this morning. The choices of services are either those that seem to be frequented by seniors or others that are of the baby-boomer generation. On one side is traditional and on the other is contemporary. One does the same thing it has done for centuries; the other takes its queues from secular seminars. What’s missing is a creative service which engages the senses and draws one into a real worship experience.

The problem with my Easter Experiment is that I’ll go in and my mind will run overtime criticizing the whole thing. I can’t engage because I don’t like it. And I can accurately predict this outcome, so I see little point in it. Maybe I will attend a Sunday service, maybe I won’t. Yes, I backflip easily, and I like it that way.

What I’ll do instead is read a couple of books – The Meaning of Jesus: Two Visions, and the book that was a significant influence on John Shelby Spong, Honest to God. My thoughts as I read will be posted soon.


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