A pertinent quote from Re-enchantment:

In its social persona and outward political mask, Australia is brazenly secular, pragmatic, disbelieving. At this level, Australians live life as if material reality is all, forgetting both meaning of religion and our responsibility towards the divine ground of our being. We Australians even boast about our secularity, our freedom form divine authority, our ability to live only from the conscious and deliberate human will. Our philosophy of life appears to be summed up in the popular saying: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”, a testimony to secular humanism. Our secular persona is much admired and ardently revered, perhaps virtually worshipped. Indeed, contemporary secularism makes a quasi-religion from its adherence to the values of the human ego and its concept of social progress.

To me, this secularity is partially to blame for the cult of individuality that is the enemy of community.


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