I’m almost done on David Tacey’s Re-enchantment, here’s a great quote from p.219:

Evil and sin do not go away just because we have stopped noticing them. On the contrary, they hold more sway than ever before, because they work below the threshold of awareness. In the language of the fundamentalists, ‘Satan’ (as the personification of evil) reigns supreme in our culture because he in not even noticed or observed. I think that a lot of what the fundamentalists say is almost half-right, except that they think in such ridiculously concrete terms that the modern intellect recoils form their utterances as the babblings of an idiot. But evil and sin are basic human realities, and if we repress them, they only arise to assault and defeat the common good with even more power and devastation than before. It is the old Freudian adage: whatever is forcibly repressed eventually returns in altered form and with more primitive and destructive force than when it was held in consciousness.

I want to go more into the Satan myth as a follow-on from The Grand Myth of Lucifer, and this certainly points the way as to where I want to take it.


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