There is only one way of reacting to the global climate that results in inner peace, and that is through acceptance. The world seems caught in total insanity, obsessed with property and possessions, focused on drama and tragedy. Peace, who wants peace? We want war, violence, crime, drugs, and lots of food and alcohol! Looking at all of this can make one disheartened, frustrated, and downright depressed. And then just think, what about personal responsibility? What about my ecological footprint, or the slave traders I support in buying certain goods, or the virtues of organic food vs. the use of fertilizers, the list goes on and on. What can I do about this big mess, especially when I’m caught up in it?

The only way through it begins with acceptance. What you resist persists. Despair only begets more negativity, and tends only towards more unsustainable behaviour. When you accept that this is the way things are, that the system is how it is, you can then start to take a much more forward-thinking perspective. It then comes back to what is possible in this moment; what can I do right now to make a difference? Instead of being overwhelmed with the sheer weight of the problems, small incremental changes can be made at any time that, by and large, will make a difference, just as interest calculated on savings compounds over time.

If every single person began with acceptance of what is, and made a small change, just imagine what a different world we would live in! Change starts with you, but don’t start with the burden of change – start by accepting whatever is right now. Then, do what you can.


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