Convert by sleuth

I never cease to be amazed by the methods used by evangelical Christians to attempt to convert unsuspecting ‘heathens’ into belief.  At my local university, the Christian group posted a pamphlet with the large headline ‘FREE ACCOMMODATION’.  Obviously, that would catch the attention of anyone.  What followed the headline made me laugh (and say a couple choice words).  It was a quote from the book of John, where ‘Jesus’ proclaims that there are many rooms in his father’s house.  Below the verse were a number of tear-off tabs listing a phone number for follow-up and the website for the Christian student group.  I could not help but be the first to grab the details, thinking it would be good seed material for my blog 🙂

Really, I shouldn’t be surprised – I’ve been exposed to all manner of campaigns to lure people into the church, all in the name of evangelism.  ‘We’ve got to save them from hell’ was always the plea, and what with such dire consequences, who wouldn’t in their right mind want to do their utmost to ensure that people at least have the opportunity to make the decision to choose heaven?  I now wonder why God would have to use devious and false methods to ensure that people believe in him?  Surely if this God is the source of Truth, then he would easily promote belief in himself without resorting to marketing that is even below most political and commercial advertising.

These campaigns really seem to be driven more by desperation than genuine concern.  There may be a few gullible souls that fall prey to their calls, but in such an environment as a university which tends to carry the more intellectual and enlightened, the only common response I can imagine is a scoff.


5 responses to “Convert by sleuth

  • Mike aka MonolithTMA

    That reminds me of the tracts that look like money that some Christians leave as tips. I thought that was disgusting even when I was a Christian, maybe even more so then, since they were making me look bad.

  • C Woods

    I got some pamphlets from the Freedom From Religion Foundation called “Dear Christian.” When someone comes evangelizing at my door, I promise to read their literature if they promise to read mine —then I hand them one. And I do read theirs. It always amazes me what they think will convert someone.

    A local church has started a new campaign.. They shovel one’s side walk, then leave a note in the door saying it was done by the good Christians at the Blankity-Blank Church —inviting the home owner to attend. It sure is nice of my neighbors to shovel my walk and if I saw who had done it, I would thank them, but that won’t convince me to become a Christian. I gave that up 50+ years ago when I was 12.

    I included your blog on my list of Freethought Resources on my blog.

    On 3/13/09, my blog ( will post information on the 2009 “Blog Against Theocracy” event supporting church/state separation. I hope you can participate.

  • Gary

    I tend to think that the church would be better off doing the good deed and not even trying to promote the church. Putting aside any metaphysical beliefs in karma, such acts tend to pay off in good perceptions, and positively affecting both the person doing the deed and the recipient.

  • Mike aka MonolithTMA

    The church I used to attend, which really is a wonderful church, used to have those cards. Anyone in the congregation could use them and do anything they wanted with them. I saw it more as a way to let people know that this church actually cared about the community and was a welcoming place.

  • smudge

    I used to use tracts when I was a young Christian [up to approx 5 years into faith]

    now some years later I just strongly desire authenticity in every area…and it saddens me that anyone who professes to be following the Truth incarnate uses any devious methods..

    striving, unreality, programmes, etc just get on my nerves now

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