The Journey Ends……

Well…..not quite, I just wanted to be a little dramatic.  I feel it is appropriate, given a recent storm of comments, to properly wrap-up this blog with an appropriate book-end.  To that end, let’s go on a recap.

I began this blog in 2006 after the startling insight that the Christian Bible just may be a mixture of myth and reality, given that at the time of writing phenomena was explained in the terminology of myth.  I realized that if hell is not a real place, my faith is completely undermined, like a house built on poor foundations.  As I read and explored the ramifications of this new understanding, I journaled my insights which can be found in the archive here.

To say that my insight was an eye-opener is a massive understatement.  Christianity framed the way I viewed the world, and suddenly whole vistas of thought flooded in.  Beyond Black and White was born out of the understanding that all moralistic thought is subjective, the world is rich with the colour of differing views and perspectives that do not fit into black-and-white categories.

After moving through the variety of perspectives, and wrestling with letting go of Christianity, I finally am able to say that I am no longer a Christian.  I no longer believe in God.  Yet I do not call myself an atheist, for I see that as almost as limiting as calling myself a Christian.  I prefer rather to let go of belief systems and open myself to the depth and breadth of life as best as I possibly can.

Spirituality still fascinates me.  There are still too many mysteries and too many wonders to life which science cannot begin to explain, yet no religious system can adequately address them either.  Instead, these are left to the realm beyond thought, beyond mind, beyond understanding, beyond explanation.  My spirituality consists of leaving all this in the empty space of pure awareness and being.

And I won’t be making a religion of that any time soon.


4 thoughts on “The Journey Ends……”

  1. “yet no religious system can adequately address them either.”

    True. No religious system can–if it could neatly define it all I’m not sure it would be believable. I’ll leave it at that though. I wish you well on your new journey.

  2. I haven’t checked in for a while and I was sorry to see your blog ending. I enjoyed this post. It seems you now have a great, but very realistic outlook on life.

    I like that you don’t see the world in black and white. I don’t either. Now, I do call myself an atheist, but I also call myself a humanist, a freethinker, a pantheist, an agnostic, or a nonbeliever.

    I take my life philosophies from lots of places. Religion, of course, does enter in because I was brought up in a religious home. But I take what I believe from sourcesas diverse as Confucius, Mark Twain, Thomas Paine, George Carlin, Aristotle. Robert Ingersoll. I can pick and choose as I wish. But religious people do the same. I have Catholic friends who use birth control, are pro choice, support gay marriage and women clergy, or don’t believe the Pope is infallible. Many Christians have decided that homosexuality is an abomination, yet they choose to ignore other religious laws of the Old Testament against eating pork or lobster, for example. Most wouldn’t stone their disobedient children to death.

    I don’t think religion is all bad, but neither do I think it is all that good. I find it wanting in many ways.

    I was brought up in a black and white home. When I started to realize that everything my parents told me was not necessarily true, it was such a relief. The guilt was gone —not that I had anything but manufactured sins to feel guilty about at age 12. And I no longer had to think of people who didn’t believe as my parents did as being wrong, or worse, evil.

    I wish you good health and happiness in your next pursuit.

  3. Thanks C for visiting again and bringing me back to something I had forgotten.

    I haven’t really talked about the negatives of my outlook, which I’m commencing on now. You’ll see why I find it difficult to consider it as a great outlook, even though it probably is.

    In any case, you can now consider me a follower of your blog!

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