The Journey Continues

It’s been a long time between posts.  In fact, I had almost forgotten about the blog until a visitor commented yesterday, and I now feel it is time to pick up from where I left off.

In my usual melodramatic fashion I suggested that there was not much more for me to say.  Yet in the interim months I’ve been drawn back to matters of a spiritual nature.  In the lead-up to Easter I’ve begun reading Jesus: A Story of Enlightenment by Deepak Chopra.  It’s a fictional account placing Jesus in his twenties, leading up to the time of his entry in the Biblical gospels.  So why back to Jesus now?

I figured that my spiritual quest is relevantly focused on the Christian figurehead at this time of the year.  Prior to now I’ve been more interested in Buddhist and mystical thought, and as what the title of the book suggests, this account of Jesus has him leading more towards Eastern than Western ideology.

At the same time I’ve also started reading another book called The Evolution of God by Robert Wright.  I still believe that gods are a psychological projection, and this book really goes into the detail of this historical development.  I’m of the opinion that Yahweh, the Jewish and Christian god, is merely an enlargement from many gods to one.  I can say that while at the same time putting more and more focus on spiritual matters.  Weird, hey?

I guess that’s part of this whole beyond black and white thing.  I don’t fit neatly in categories, and I happily sit with paradox.  I’m not out to try to prove or disprove anything, but merely moving in the direction of my desires, and hopefully oriented in the direction of inner peace.  That’s not something that any worldview can give me, it’s something I’m convinced can only be cultivated.  And I’ve got so much more to say about that.

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