I Need You

Yes, you.  I need you.

As I was driving along this afternoon, I noticed a flock of birds resting on a fence, and this drew my attention to a major fact of life which has been a constant source of thought and angst:

We need each other.

In the process of evolution, single entities have merged to form complex wholes.  All life tends to converge into some form of community.

Is it any wonder that loneliness leads to depression and despair?

The more tech we have become, the more we have isolated ourselves.

Not due to Facebook, blogs, or any other Internet media.  This modern occurrence is true for both the technophile and technophobe.   It is rather modern life, in all its conveniences, that has split us into several entities which live in fear of one another.

And this is coming to an end, as we evolve in our need to connect.  The answer is not to drop modern life; the answer is to evolve.  It is my hope that this generation will see an overpowering of the limitations of the powerful ancient conditioning inherited from our ancestors, so that rather than fight or flight we will wholeheartedly embrace.

To do this, I will begin by expressing that I really do need you.  I cherish and value you.  We are of the same essence, and we depend on one another.  Let us embrace our interdependence, drop our fears, and see that there is more in common in us than we realize.


3 responses to “I Need You

  • Mike aka MonolithTMA

    I agree that we need each other, but solitude definitely has its place and I see it as separate from loneliness.

  • Gary

    I can definitely agree with you there. My own personal experience is one of disconnection, of the balance way out of whack on the side of solitude. Life is inherently social, and in my tendency to shy away from that I have developed all manner of difficulties. So this is my expression of desire.

    • Mike aka MonolithTMA

      I tend to seek solitude. My fiance and I both do our own thing a lot at home and that’s one of the reasons we work so well together.

      There have been times were my solitude was a bit too much and I had to force myself to go be social, which is actually pretty easy for me, but those times were rare.

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