The Evolution of Thought

I had an epiphany this afternoon which quite literally blew me away.  I was walking along and noted a young man appearing to look of Indian origin, wearing a beard similar to those of Muslim men.  Immediately thoughts of judgment sprang to mind, cautions of how the man might smell, and concerns about an oppressive and unjust religious worldview.  Then I realized something profound: we are both of the same essence.  Life produced both of us from the same substance.  All division or boundary between us is an illusion created by the mind; our biological disposition is so fundamentally similar.  We both share consciousness, and both share the same basic human needs.  Our origins are the same.

To wrap it in spiritual language, we are both unique expressions of the same God.  Our form and mental patterns may be significantly different, yet these are merely aspects.  The two are one; ultimately, the other is a fabrication of the mind.  I am you, and you are me.  We all share the same universal life, we are God as conscious forms.  Therefore, to judge this person is to judge myself, and even to judge God.

God, as I describe, is a metaphor for the universality and totality of life, of reality.  This is not the theistic god that the atheists rail about; rather, this is a re-vision.  Let the god of old be dead and buried, and may we celebrate in Life, Mystery, and the amazing wonders of Nature!


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