Dreaming of an Australian Spirituality

Firstly, just to add to yesterday’s blog post on my epiphany.  The outcome is to judge the behaviour rather than the person, given that to judge the person is to judge both yourself and God/Life.  In this light, all mistakes, all dysfunctional behaviour, can be seen as aberrant aspects of ourselves and life.  In a Beyond Black and White world, good and evil are not dualistic; they are two sides of one coin.  The best of religion points to the idea that good will ultimately overpower evil.   Evolution reveals that gradual development of our nature and understanding leads to higher consciousness, therefore higher moral concern for the greater wellbeing.  What I see happening in the good vs. evil battle is the understanding and appreciation for our lower nature as naturally inherited, and the cultivation of the higher developed nature of compassion, that will create a much more livable world.  And that can only start with me.

Now, on to my topic.  So much of my current spiritual insights are originating within cultural contexts other than my own – primarily that of the U.S.A.  While we share a common Western experience, the way we see and experience the world does necessarily differ.  We take insights and process them through our cultural filters, so that they become both similar and unique.  And this is part of Life’s wonder, celebrating the diversity of an entirely different perspective.  This is truly what makes travel such a marvelous affair, which I experienced while in Papua New Guinea a number of years ago.  That was only two weeks of my life, yet it has made an enduring, indelible impression.  It did this due to the environmental and social context, being so radically different to what I am accustomed to.  Television and Internet can broadcast images of these far-flung places directly to you, but these mediums cannot offer the experience of being placed within the context.  In religious terms, it becomes a spiritual experience.  In scientific terms, the brain undergoes massive rewiring.

When I speak of an Australian spirituality, I am not referring to the creation of another religion or group; rather, this is more the experience that cuts through the heart of who we are and what we do, our deepest values and highest ideals.  Interestingly, these are usually pointed out to us by those from other cultures who are more alert to our uniqueness than we could ever be.  How might we celebrate the richness of our spirituality that affirms the very best that is in us, and also inspires the world?

I see our original inhabitants, the Australian Aborigines, being uplifted with dignity and respect;
They are our highest ambassadors, and can guide us in new depths of being.
I see our national heroes as those whose selfless and sacrificial acts have saved lives;
And all those whose work is for the good of many.
I see our religious leaders ending centuries of division and strife;
Uplifting the common good rather than their brand of belief.
I see the growing concern for our Mother Earth;
And how our efforts inspire the world.
I see us losing our attachment to material wealth and gain;
Instead finding peace and contentment from within.
I see how our larrikin nature brings joy to the world;
And inspires a new sense of connection and peace.

I could keep going on, but I would be saying much the same thing.  These words are not gospel; they are the incomplete ramblings of one who is speaking from the heart.


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