The Approach of 2011

As the New Year dawns, many of us are resolving to make significant changes.  And these New Year’s Resolutions then become just another to-do list that remain undone.  I suspect that one of the problems with our resolutions are that they involve activities that we must do, and feel guilty if we don’t.  What I propose is that we focus on being rather than doing.  I’ve heard it said that we are human beings, not human doings!  From focusing on the person we can become, we can allow ourselves to make and break resolutions so long as we are moving towards our desired values.  Given this, I will list the person I seek to become in 2011.

  • Courageous.  Living not in fear but in trust and integrity.  Moving towards the things I desire with heart and passion.
  • Gracious.  Considering the needs of those closest to me and serving them in the most suitable ways.
  • Adventurous.  Instead of shrinking from life, move into it with faith and trust.
  • Inspirational.  Look for ways to inspire awe and wonder into others.
  • Lover and Provider.  Grow in my manhood to share and experience deep intimacy with a loving woman.
  • Citizen.  Instead of mindlessly consuming resources, take all of life with such gratitude that can then be expressed in heartfelt action.

These values can then grow into affirmative actions, and can remain beyond the new year into the creation of a worthy life.


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